Dr. Yazan Jehjahg

Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry at ASPU / Lattakia branch

Dean Forward

Dentistry is considered a medical specialty in itself, as it teaches the   student since his first year at university all that is required study as a doctor and deeper into the compound of the craniofacial area (including teeth, of course) therefore the name (dentistry) is unfair, and does not imply the reality of this specialty that combines science and art together, as the dentist should have an advanced medical knowledge , coupled with a delicate artistic sense of a high handicrafts skill , while carrying out dental treatments. By the end, all of these medical practices are focused within the cosmetic aspect, as a result.

Hence, a dentistry student has to understand how big the responsibility entrusted to him . He is the doctor who will arrive to the clinic to find his patients waiting on pins and needles to save them from pain or undergo cosmetic dental operation allow them to return to normal social life. Therefore, and based on a deep understanding of the aforesaid, , we at ASPU faculty of dentistry , Latakia branch , on the ground of our understanding of the great responsibility in providing knowledge to our students, our faculty provides all that is required in terms of securing the teaching staff of highly qualified professors and supervisors qualified , and ensuring medical equipment and laboratory needed to provide vocational training and academic high-level, let alone clinics and necessary laboratories for such equipment.

We, moreover, pay great attention to securing the scientific base for dentistry , whose information needs to be updated almost daily and therefore, a (paper and electronic) library has been insured to provide an open and easy handling information sources for the student, in various fields of dentistry, under the supervision of doctors of the faculty members, in addition, modern buildings which incubate a favorable learning environment for students, with all kinds of services provided by the university administration , including academic supervision.

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