ASPU international relations and diplomacy faculty held a workshop entitled "The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and its role in the dissemination and development of concepts of international humanitarian law" under the supervision of Dr. Ahmed Omar, head of ASPU diplomatic sciences department, at ICRC headquarters.



The workshop was attended by several legal advisers, including Mr. Tobias Kohler, Regional Legal Adviser of the ICRC in Syria and Dr. Rana Kharouf.


The workshop included several axes, focused mainly on introducing the ICRC, its core functions historical development, and its partners of international non-governmental organizations and local organizations.


It also included ICRC’s principles, objectives and difficulties, as well as the legal concept of armed conflicts and their classification, with a practical study of several issues and a description of their governing legal rules.


The lecturer answered questions put in English language by ASPU students. 

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