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Al Shaam Private University

Academic year 2014/2015


Enrolment and Registration Directory

Academic year 2014/2015

Table of Contents

  • The university

-    Housings and lands

  • Affiliations
  • Faculties & departments
  • Enrolment and registration Process

-    Documents Required for Registration

-    university fees

-    Transfer from other universities

  • Grants for the Academic year 2014/2015.

-    Full scholarships

-    Merit Scholarship

-    Sibling Grants

  • Academic rules and   regulations

-    Credit Hours

-    Study Plan

-    Semester Schedules

-    Academic Advisory

  • University Facilities &services

The University, ALU

Al Shaam university is a private higher education Syrian educational institution. Its main headquarters is located in Damascus, Baramka area, near Tishreen sport city Musab bin Omair mosque . ALU was licensed under Presidential Decree No (97) of July 28, 2011. Learning began in October 2013 with two faculties. With other three faculties opened in 2014, ALU offers a wide range of undergraduate programs designed to serve the interest of the Syrian and other Arab students. ALU will expand its campus area and facilities in parallel with the increasingly introduced programs.

ALU is committed to achieve excellent academic performance and foster a research policy . It believes in that good education produces the perfect man who contributes to the welfare of the country. ALU is a constantly growing and upgrading its facilities to meet international standards.

Housings& Lands owned by the university:

  1. University headquarters:

The university current area of buildings exceeds ​​4500square meters, besides more than 5000 square meters of terraces and green areas, and other 300000 square meters in the outskirts of Damascus.

ALU has opened the following faculties:

  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • International Relations and Diplomacy
  • Tele-communication Engineering
  • IT Engineering.
  1. ALU Lattakia branch is Located in Kouatli Street. It comprises 35 classrooms, laboratories for computer, chemistry, physics, and seminar rooms . The following faculties were opened in Lattakia branch for 2014-2015 academic year :
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Administrative Sciences
  • Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy
  1. Al-Tal campus in rural Damascus, with an area estimated at 250,000square meters, and the buildings area about 75000 square meters, includes administrative offices, classrooms, two auditoriums , and two dormitory housing units . It will open to students by the next academic year.
  2. A lot of ​​750,000 square meter , at a hill near al-Tal area , where a faculty of agriculture and a productive research farm will be built.
  1. A Medical Educational Complex


ALU signed memorandum of understanding for mutual collaboration with the following universities and ministries :

  • Kassel University(Germany)
  • Governmental Dresden University(Germany)
  • Private Dresden university (Germany)
  • State-owned Damascus university
  • State-owned Tishreen university
  • Ministry of Justice

Faculties and Departments

The study plan consist of : University requirements, faculty requirements, department or specialty requirements. Each faculty gives a Bachelor degree in the specialty at average study of 4 to 5 years according to the following plan:

  1. a)Faculty of law
University requirements Faculty requirements Specialty requirements

Credit hours





Obligatory Elective Obligatory Elective Obligatory Elective
13 4 15 8 99 - 139 4
  1. b)Faculty of Administrative Sciences:

It includes five specialties : Human Resources Management–Marketing - Banking and Financial Administration-Accounting-Management Information Systems(MIS). The number of credit hours for bachelor degree in Management Sciences are 139 .

University requirements Faculty requirements Specialty requirements

Credit hours





Obligatory Elective Obligatory Elective Obligatory Elective
13 4 44 6 66 6 139 4
  1. c)Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy: Number .
University requirements Faculty and specialty requirements

Credit hours





Obligatory Elective Obligatory Elective
13 4 44 6 139 4
  1. d)Faculty of Engineering/Department of Informatics Engineering:

Number of credit hours for a bachelor degree in Engineering - Department of IT Engineering are166. The student has the right to choose one of the following specialties: Artificial Intelligence, Computer networks, Software and Information Systems.

University requirements Faculty requirements Specialty requirements

Credit hours





Obligatory Elective Obligatory Elective Obligatory Elective
13 4 35 8 86 20 166 5
  1. e)ALU is working on the expansion of its buildings and facilities to meet the requirements of the ALU plans, the university. ALU will open other entitled faculties, namely:
  • Human medicine
  • Pharmacy
  • Dentistry
  • Agriculture
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Education
  • Tourism.

Enrolment and Registration Procedure

ALU follows the enrolment guidelines issued every academic year by the   higher education council in Syria. These guideline specify General Secondary School Exam (Baccalaureate) score required for enrolment in each faculty. ALU accepts students upon a concourse made on the basis of Baccalaureate score, and in certain cases an extra exam on some subjects.

The following table shows minimum degrees required in the Baccalaureate, regardless the year of its issuance (national secondary school certificate) ,excluding the score of religion education subject and a minimum degree for one of the two foreign languages.




Minimum required degrees&

% percentage

Law Scientific 1200 50 %
Literary- Legit 1100 50 %
Administrative Sciences

-  Human Resources

-  Marketing

Scientific 1200 50 %
Literary- Legit 1100 50 %
Professional commercial 2420 50 %

-  Accounting

-  Banking and financial institutions

-  Management Information Systems(MIS)

Scientific 1200 50 %
Professional commercial 2420 55 %
International relations & Diplomacy Scientific 1200 50 %
Literary- Legit 1100 50 %
Engineering IT Engineering Scientific 1440 60 %

Professional industrial :

-   Computer technology

-   Programing and operating systems

-   Networks

-   Automatic control

-   Computers equipment’s

-   Computers maintenance

3225 75 %
Tele-communication engineering Scientific 1440 60 %

Professional industrial :

-   Electronic technology

-   Telecommunications and equipment’s

-   Mail professional, Elect.& Communications

-   Secondary vocational certificate issued by the ministry of tele-communication in the specialties of: wired & unwired Telecommunications- Telephones exchange.

3225 75 %

-     ALU is entitled to give 25% of its seats to secondary school vocational graduates in each specialty according to the provisions of the Higher Education Council.

-     Students of secondary vocational schools are accepted ALU faculty of engineering after they receive courses in physics and math, at the expense of the university.

Documents required for Registration:

  1. An application form.
  2. A secondary certificate or an equivalent (one original and four ratified copies).
  3. Certified schooling records : School Certificate of the last two years (If the secondary certificate from Arab or foreign countries).
  4. A photocopy of the applicant’s identity card and/or Passport.
  5. Five (3 × 4 cm) colored photographs.
  6. Official transcript and a course catalogue for transfer applicant.
  7. A certificate of good conduct.

University fees for the academic year 2014-2015.

  1. Tuition Fees per credit hour is as follows:
Faculty/Specialty Credit hours Fees/Credit hour (S.P)


Annual fees

Average of study years


139 10.000 300.000 4
Administrative Sciences

-  Human Resources

-  Marketing

-  Accounting

-  Banking and financial institutions

-  Management Information Systems(MIS)

139 7.000 243.000 4

International relations & Diplomacy

135 8.000 270.000 4

IT Engineering

166 9.000 297.000 5


163 9.000 293.000 5
  1. Enrolment fees : 20,000 SP to be paid for one time only.
  2. Registration fees:   5,000 SP to be paid at the beginning of each semester including summer season semester.
  3. Enrolment concourse fees: 3,000 SP to be paid for time only . This sum is to be refunded if the applicant is not accepted in ALU faculties.
  4. Fees of equalization: 5,.000 sp for courses equalization paid by transfer applicants only. This sum is not refundable If the student decided not register at ALU.

Transfer from other universities and colleges:

ALU accepts transfer from other institutes of higher education that are recognized by the Syrian ministry of higher education. Transferred students should also fulfill conditions specified set by the Higher education council in Syria.

Students who wish to transfer from other colleges must finish their curricula, so as to be eligible to transfer credits to ALU.

After enrolment to ALU, transferred student needs to evaluate each course s/he wishes to transfer to ALU individually. Each course should be evaluated by the faculty/Department that offers the equivalent course at ALU. The student should provide a course description , in order to avail respective ALU department to evaluate whether the two courses are matching. Courses completed with a grade below 2.0 on a 4 scale, or below 60% on a 100% scale cannot be transferred to ALU. The transfer course should have the same number of credit hours (or more) than the equivalent course at ALU. Credits are transferred, not grades. Thus, transfer courses do not count in GPA calculation.

Transferred applicants should submit official transcripts of grades as well as course catalog (or course description) from the previous college or university.

Financial aid

ALU believes that a qualified student should not be denied the opportunity of pursuing a university education for lack of financial resources. To this end, ALU has developed special program to help its students overcoming financial problems that might hinder their potential achievements. In order to benefit from this program, the student should provide evidence of his/her financial need by presenting official documents that attest to this need.

Apart from financial aid, ALU student can pay their tuitions and fees in installment. This installment plan is especially tailored for those who cannot afford the entire fee in one payment.

ALU offers different kinds of scholarships. In case of student entitlement to more than one scholarship or discount, he takes advantage of the higher discount rate.

  1. Full Scholarships offered by ALU

These include exemption from all kinds of tuition fees, over the minimum period necessary to complete the study at the university.

  1. 5%ofthe number of students admitted every year at faculties/departments.
  2. 3grants to the first three outstanding students at the country level in the general secondary school examination (scientific, literary and vocational).
  3. 3 grants for the three outstanding students at the second level of country general secondary school examination, scientific branch only.
  4. Two scholarships by the faculty of law, offered each year by the ministry of justice.

  5. Merit Scholarships:

These are provided for partial exemption from courses fees only, over the minimum period necessary to complete the study at the university.

  1. Discount of 50% for outstanding students who come first every semester, to take advantage of this discount in the next semester(summer semester excluded).
  2. Discount of25% for outstanding students who come second every semester, to take advantage of this discount in the next semester(summer semester not included).
  3. Discount of 20% for the students, children of full-time faculty members.
  4. Discount of 20% for outstanding students, who are members of the Revolutionary Youth Union (RYU) , steering committee.
  5. Discount of 15 % for the students , whose parents are full-time technical and administrative employees.
  6. The following table shows discounts for students excelling in the national secondary school examination, school year 2014 exclusively. Taking in consideration that the degrees of religion education and the minimum of one of the two foreign languages are excluded:
Secondary Certificate Discount Degrees percentage %
From To From To
General Scientific 10 % 1680 2039 70 %  
20 % 2040 2400 85 % 100 %
Literary 10 % 1540 1869 70 %  
20 % 1870 2200 85 % 100 %
Religious 15 % 1870 2200 85 % 100 %
Professional commercial 15 % 3230 4500 85 % 100 %
Industrial 15 % 3400 4500 85 % 100 %
  1. 3)Sibling Grants

A sibling grants is given when a student has more than one brother or sister at ALU. The grants are for course fees only and over a minimum period necessary to complete the study at the university. It goes as follows:

-      Discount of 20 % for the two brothers or sisters.

-      Discount of 25 % for the third brother or sister.

Academic Rules and regulations

The university applies the credit-hour system on all programs. The credit-hour system gives the student the flexibility to decide the course load s/he would like to take each semester. Accordingly, the student can finish his/her program of study according to the time span that serves his objectives and capabilities. Some students choose to take heavy load to graduate early, while others choose more relaxed schedules and take more time to graduate.

Credit hour

The credit hour is a standard unit of measure. It is used to quantify the course load per semester in comparison to other courses. One Credit Hour is equal to one contact hour per week (in theoretical lectures, or two contact hours of tutorials/clinic or lab per week). 

Study Plan

The study plan is composed of :

-       University requirements : These courses include compulsory and elective courses.

-       Faculty Requirements : the set courses are designated to cover certain knowledge areas specific to the students major interest. Some of these courses are compulsory and some are optional.

-       Prerequisite: The student cannot choose register and study a course that related to another course. For example: A student cannot register on English language (2) before study the English language (1).

Semester schedules

  • Fall semester (16 weeks) starts in October and ends in January.
  • Spring semester (16 weeks) starts in February and ends in June.
  • Summer semester (8 weeks) starts in June and ends in August.

Academic Advisory
Each ALU student is assigned to an academic adviser who helps the student choose the courses that match both the student’s interests and capabilities. The advisor also helps the student assess his/her progress in his/her program of study and make sure that he is choosing the correct courses that count his/her degree program.

University Facilities &services

ALU provides needed facilities and services for students and staff, including :

-       Learning Resource Center.

-       Wifi, computers free center, internet & intranet networks.

-       Cafeteria & Restaurant.

-       Free insurance for each students for accidents, medical treatment (inside & outside the university).

-       Medical & Pharmacy center providing care & emergency treatment

-       Auditoriums for student’s cultural & scientific activities

-       Sport Facilities of Tishreen courtyard sport facilities with coaches for different games.


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