Exam instructions

With the wishes of AL sham university administration for our students' success, we call upon them to adhere to exam conditions and regulations as befits the esteem level of the university’s enforced laws and regulations.

The following conditions are emphasized :

1. Student should meet deadlines for exams and any delay deprives student of access to the exam hall , after questions distribution.

2. Having ID or passport and the university card.

3. student is not permitted to make his exam in the hall or seat not assigned to him under penalty of up to take a zero in the subject.

4. To keep quiet and not to provoke a riot inside and outside the exam halls.

5. Make sure that there are no inscriptions on the bench and in case of any writing , head of the exam hall should be notified immediately before starting the exam.

6. Writing full name as stated in the official lists , the academic year and name of the exam subject in Arabic and " dry blue pen."

7. The answer on the examination paper to be in " dry blue pen exclusively" and (pencil is just used for drawing) and if other colors and white debugger (corrector ) are used, they are viewed as an attempt to signal the answer , and the student will be given zero on this subject.

8. It is not permitted to bring books , papers or scraps relevant to the subject to the exam hall and every violation is viewed as a cheat attempt and to be punished.

9. Mobile Phone should be offed upon entering the exam hall and the student to put it in a special envelop near his chair and the hall secretary to make sure that the device is offed , and the offense in this matter exposes the student to a penalty to be given a zero in all semester’s subjects .

10. All kinds of bags are prevented to the exam hall and the student is solely responsible for the loss.

11.The student should response to the request of the hall chairman , if it deems necessary to change his sitting place without reluctance or objection.

12. It is not permitted to leave the exam hall before half an hour after the distribution of the questions nor to return to it after handing over the answer paper.

13. In case of student violation of the mentioned above terms and conditions , he Puts himself culpable of trying to cheat or disrupt exam rules and regulations and will be subjected to penalties provided for in the university rules of procedure.

Hoping to fully comply with these instructions, wish you every success.

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