Al Sham Private University

Reasons for Founding al Sham  Private University:

         Founding al Sham  private university with the Ministry of Higher Education and other state-run  educational institutions will contribute  to ensure  educational opportunities ,building a learning  society, according to state plans, give a push forward to a comprehensive development in Syria, and attracting enthusiastic youths for acquiring  science and build the homeland .

It is a non-profit  institution , with  fairly reasonable costs  and ensured high scientific educational  level , as the university is a role educational model in term of  quality, a matter which  helps young learners  to complete their studies in the homeland , rather than abroad.

 It will contribute, moreover,  to the  building and  development of human resource, and in strengthening skills required by the labor market, so as to contribute  to job creation, in addition to providing scientific  and social services (studies, consulting, etc ...), and contribute to the process of scientific research.


(A) contributing to building a young generation , who believes in the Arab nation, and capable of carrying its  eternal mission.

(B) Contributing  to the process of development and modernization brought by the  President through participation in the overall development process.

(C) Integration with public and private universities ,compatibility with developmental plans, and ensuring  more qualitative opportunities in the field  higher education , at affordable costs.

(D)- Preparing qualified and trained scientific cadres of  special skills , in order to keep pace with labor market needs.

(C) Dissemination of culture, knowledge and giving  attention to the younger generation.

(H) Founding a scientific and social environment for young people, enabling them  to abide by the  goals of the nation and homeland.

(G) Contributing to the development of scientific research, as the basis for all progressive development and raising  young generations of researchers and academics who will form the pillar of scientific research and development ,in the country.

(D) Building student's personality, and adopting  interactive teaching style through analysis, synthesis and creativity.

(E ) Motivating  the young generation to excel and to be genuine  and creative.


1. Faculty of Medicine.

2. Faculty of Dentistry.

3. Faculty of Pharmacy.

4. Faculty of Engineering:

  • Civil engineering department.
  • Department of Architecture.
  • Department of Information and Communication Engineering.
  • Informatics Engineering Department.
  • Mechatronics Engineering Department.

5. Faculty of Tourism:

  • Tourism Management Department.
  • Tourist Guidance Department.
  • Hospitality department.

6. Faculty of Administrative and Financial Sciences:

  • Human Resources Management Department.
  • Marketing Department.
  • Banks and financial institutions Department.
  • Accounting
  • Management Information Systems (MIS) Department .

7. Faculty of Literatures and Humanities:

  • English Language Department.
  • French Language Department.
  • Arabic language Department.
  • Department of Journalism.
  • Department of Sociology.

8. Faculty of Law:

  • International law.
  • Penal law.
  • Administrative Law.
  • Civil and commercial law.
  • Public law.

9. Faculty of International Relations and Diplomacy.

10. Faculty of Education.

11. Faculty of Agriculture

12. f Languages Institute  ​​(for serving all faculties).

Cooperation programs and agreements with foreign universities and institutes:

* Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation with the State University of Kassel-Germany.

*Memorandum  of understanding for cooperation with  state –run Dresden Technical University - Germany.

* Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation with Dresden  private International University – Germany.

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