Professor Yasser Houria

The Rector of AL-Sham Private University

Al Sham Private University was established according to the Legislative Decree No. 97 dated 28/7/2011, to become a leading institution in higher education and advanced Academic fields. In order to achieve its objectives, it aims at contributing to the sustainable development of both governmental and private sectors, The university aspires to meet labor market needs within specialized and effective academic frameworks to make substantial and unique contribution to the development of national economy.

Al-Sham Private University launched in the academic year 2013/2014, starting by opening two faculties:  " Faculty of Law" and "Faculty of Administrative Sciences" in Damascus. Today, We have 11 Faculties (theoretical and applied ) located in both cities of Damascus and Lattakia.

AL Sham Private University congratulates new students on their enrollment to our institution, As they make up a new batch of university students for the new academic year bringing new blood to our academic journey.

ASPU spared no effort to serve students, providing them with knowledge and paving the way ahead of them to have access to all academic information in order to grasp latest advanced knowledge and education in all academic majors.

ASPU puts its educational facilities at the service of students, along with its real-estate on which new buildings will be built for the faculties that have not yet been opened. The University's current buildings and facilities include several classrooms, scientific laboratories and modern facilities, many specialized libraries, Public services, restaurants, cafeterias, gardens and sports stadiums. ASPU is also equipped with Internet networks via Fiber cables, computer networks and advanced programs, and it also offers free internet and communication services.

We will work to provide our students with a top quality higher education experience.

I wish you to lead a successful path and bright future.

                                                                                                                          University President & Rector

                                                                                                                              Proffessor Yasser Houria

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